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Therapy Reviews 

It is a privilege to be able to share some of the positive experiences that my clients have had during the course of their therapy with me. 

We are a lesbian couple who have been seeing Karina since late 2020. Karina’s wisdom, kindness and keen insight have encouraged us to find one another again after having a child and experiencing family crisis.


Karina has guided us to find new ways to love one another and ourselves. She has taught us to give ourselves permission and that intimacy is not defined by the act of having sex. By sharing resources, models, activities and information on any topic of our interest or to support ideas discussed in-session, Karina has helped us to recreate desire and the adult to adult spaces that we had lost.


Beyond our sexual relationship, Karina supports our parenting, family and individual goals. She encourages us to celebrate the positives - small things that we would otherwise take for granted and that remind us of our love.


As someone who had not experienced therapy before, I am so pleased for the profound and positive influence Karina has had on how we now communicate - enabling us to be open and vulnerable without fear of judgement. 


We are both very grateful to her.

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I spoke with Karina for a consultation after a GP appointment left me unsure about how to manage some of the issues in my body as a result of the menopause that was impacting on intimacy, sex and libido. After the initial discomfort of talking to a stranger about my issues I found the sessions helpful and was pleased that I took the leap. Karina was able to dedicate more time and specialist knowledge to my concerns listened without judgment.  

Female, 47


From the moment myself and my partner met with Karina, we knew we'd found someone who understood, listened and worked for us as a couple. We felt comfortable, heard and able to be vulnerable with Karina, which is sometimes hard, however Karina had such creative ways to help our relationship flourish. As a couple that had tried two therapists prior to Karina, we are just so grateful that we didn't give up until we found the right person to help us. Karina, there isn't enough 'thank you's' and we just appreciate your time and patience. 


Couple, early 20's 


I only had 8 sessions with Karina but found them incredibly useful. The hardest part was overcoming the initial discomfort and embarrassment of talking about a sexual problem. I have frequently had trouble with experiencing pressure to perform which has caused strain on the relationship between myself and my wife. It was a surprise when Karina suggested that we should attend sessions as a couple and even more so when she gave us both homework exercises to do outside the sessions. Despite this, it has really helped me understand my own body, re-assess intimacy and has helped us both reacquaint sexually. Being more focused on fun, pleasure and being in the moment has enabled me to overcome the performance anxiety. I feel like it has opened up a more open dialogue between us that we hope to carry on with.

Male, 40's 


Karina made me feel so completely at ease when talking to her. It's not easy to open up about things that feel so deeply personal, but Karina created a really safe and supportive environment and I felt able to speak freely. Having intimacy difficulties post birth is difficult but I felt heard and understood. I also came away with practical support of how I could make changes. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend sessions with Karina.

Female, 30's 


I came to Karina when I was in a very negative mindset and was very low after having my physical medical issue for quite some time. Karina was friendly, understanding and non-judgemental from the start and from the first time I met her I felt so comfortable speaking to her about anything. I always left our sessions feeling positive, even if I had not made as much personal progress as I’d hoped, she was able to make me see the positives and how far I had come. Karina pushed me out of my comfort zone, not too much, but just enough so that I was able to make progress and gain confidence. Karina gave me exercises (homework) to do at home and they helped me to work on my issues outside of our sessions. Having now finished my sessions with Karina, I am in a much better place mentally and feel much more stable in my relationship and I am very grateful! 


Female, 22



Karina has been a great help to me, I really couldn’t have asked for anyone better.  My main emotion when starting the sessions was confusion and this was really distressing for me as I am a problem solver and usually very in tune with my emotions. I wanted to understand my feelings, where those feelings were coming from and why, and how I could change/manage them. I had gone a long time with this confusion thinking I was just broken! Within the first couple of sessions a massive weight had lifted, and it has been an upward trajectory since then in terms of understanding myself and my relationship with my partner. My ultimate goals were definitely reached – understanding my own emotions more and working out what I wanted to do going forward in my relationship as it felt like quite a crossroads there. I can’t thank Karina enough for her help.

Female, 23


My Presenting concerns were vaginismus, low sex drive and questioning sex drive. Karina has a very easy going and gentle approach and I felt extremely comfortable opening up to her. My sessions with Karina really helped me to completely re-evaluate the way I was viewing intimacy and my sex life as a whole. She helped me to understand myself better and gain more confidence with my own body.


Female, 31


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