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Relationship &
Couples Therapy

Relationship therapy focuses on improving the overall quality and lived experience of the relationship. Though also termed ‘couples therapy’ I work with clients in a range of relationship structures.

Just like Psychosexual therapy, Relationship therapy is a specialism. This means that practitioners require additional training in order to work effectively and ethically within this field, this goes beyond what is included within usual counselling and psychotherapy training. Always ensure that your therapist is appropriately qualified to carry out this type of therapy in order to meet your needs.

My approach to Relationship therapy may include the integration of elements of Psychosexual therapy, if appropriate. I draw from a range of modalities in order to create a personalised treatment plan for you. It is a talking therapy, in which I am non-judgmental and do not take sides within the relational dynamic. I am likely to provide you with a range of tools and techniques as homework activities which you can utilise in the privacy of your own home.

Areas that often present for Relationship therapy:

·       Improving emotional intimacy

·       Improving communication

·       Assisting couples through the journey of assisted fertility and infertility

·       Overcoming unhelpful argument patterns

·       Overcoming unhelpful relationship patters

·       Overcoming infidelity or betrayal

·       Moving the relationship forwards after significant life events eg trauma, bereavement, significant illness

·       Exploring specific aspects of your relationship that you desire to change

·       Negotiation of relationship boundaries including consensual non-monogamy

·       Impact of historical trauma on current relationship

·       Conscious uncoupling (separation) - supporting communication, setting boundaries and helping with 'next steps' 

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