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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy can be either Psychosexual in nature or be Relationship therapy, and is the term for when only one individual attends the sessions though you may be single or part of a relationship.

It offers the opportunity for you to work on relational or sexual issues on your own, regardless of your relationship status. Whether you are single and wanting to explore repeated unhealthy relationship patterns or wanting to overcome personal trauma or in a relationship but wanting to work on your own issues that are impacting you as a relational or sexual partner.

My approach to individual therapy of this nature includes an integrative approach, drawing from a range of modalities in order to create a personalised treatment plan for you. It is a talking therapy, though depending on your specific needs, I may provide you with a range of tools and techniques as homework activities which you can utilise in the privacy of your own home either alone or within the relationship that you are in.

Areas that often present for Individual therapy:

·       Overcoming unhelpful relationship patters

·       Self-sabotage in relationships

·       Overcoming infidelity or betrayal

·       Working through trauma of past relationships/abuse in relationships

·       Issues with desire/arousal

·       Physiological changes after birth, menopause, surgery or due to ill health

·       Relationship loss / support during breakup 

·       Exploring attachment styles and love languages

·       Exploring sexuality

·       Exploring sexual identity

You may also have a Psychosexual issue and wish to have individual Psychosexual therapy for a psychosexual presentation 

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