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Relationship Matters 

Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy 

Therapy Fees

Therapy sessions are currently conducted online via Zoom

Counselling appointments are 1 hour in duration 

Free 30 minute consultation -This is an informal, non-counselling session as part of my initial assessment process. A non-judgmental and safe discussion that allows you to ask questions, build rapport and help us decide together if we would like to proceed.

Price is inclusive of any email/phone correspondence regarding the appointment and any follow up resources shared during or after your session 

Session Practicalities 

Small number of morning and afternoon slots are available at a reduced rate on Monday or Friday- please email to enquire.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evening appointments now available.

Pay as you go - session to be paid via BACS prior to the appointment -Blocks of 4 or 6 are offered at a discounted rate 

Cancellations must be 24hours in advance to avoid charge for the session

Why Online?

The move to online therapy had been a pragmatic response to Covid-19 and allowed for the continued access to therapy during the peak of the pandemic. I have continued to offer this medium of therapy ever since. 

In order to ensure that my therapeutic approach remained effective and still met the needs of my clients, I embarked on a two day training course in June 2020 regarding how to transition from in person to online therapy and now have successfully been doing so for four years. 

Benefits of online therapy include: 

  • Wider range of appointment times around working from home 

  • No concerns regarding traffic and/or parking 

  • Easy access to a therapist outside of your postcode 

  • Privacy of your own home 

  • Easier for both/all partners to attend together around work

  • Less concern regarding child care 

  • Some feel more at ease discussing relationships, sex and intimacy when not in person 

  • No intimate activities are carried out during the sessions- either online or in person. 

For more information explore the FAQ section 

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